Jan 29

Quick Tip – Quickly Edit Multiline Attributes in Autocad Blocks

Like most all tasks in AutoCAD, editing multiline attributes can be accomplished in many ways.  The method that you use is generally guided by your personal preference and/or the method that you first learned or were taught by someone else.  Today’s Quick Tip describes three methods for editing multiline attributes.

Method #1: Editing the text through the properties palette or with quick properties.

Left click on the block that you want to edit so that it is hilited.  On the properties palette (or in quick properties if turned on), find the name of the multiline attribute that you wish to edit and click on the ellipses symbol (…) to open the text in the mtext editor.  Once you are finished editing, click outside of the Continue reading

Jan 25

Dynamic Block Tutorial

A few years ago I was asked to do a dynamic block tutorial for Ellen Finkelstein’s AutoCAD Tips Blog which never got published for one reason or another.  I had just finished making a block for 12″ wide metal lockers that was fresh in my mind so I wrote the tutorial based on that block.  I thought this would be a good starting point for the tutorial section and give everyone something to tear apart while I gather additional information and make new videos.  Keep in mind that this tutorial was written somewhere around the time of AutoCAD 2009 so some of the screenshots taken inside of the block editor will look a bit different and clunkier than newer versions.  Check out the locker block tutorial page and snag your first free dynamic block download from CAD Jedi.  Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and questions.

Until next time…

Jan 15

CAD Jedi? So, what is this?

What is CAD Jedi?  As the name implies…Just Everyday Drafting Information.  More specifically, information concerning the usage of AutoCAD in my everyday job duties as both a draftsman and CAD Manager.  My first experience with AutoCAD was version 2 point something or other during my high school drafting class in 1988 but I really “learned” it circa 1993 using the DOS based Release 12 and a Continue reading