CAD Jedi? So, what is this?

What is CAD Jedi?  As the name implies…Just Everyday Drafting Information.  More specifically, information concerning the usage of AutoCAD in my everyday job duties as both a draftsman and CAD Manager.  My first experience with AutoCAD was version 2 point something or other during my high school drafting class in 1988 but I really “learned” it circa 1993 using the DOS based Release 12 and a digitizer with a 16-button puck.  Ahhhh, the days of DOS and digitizers (if you are interested in AutoCADs version history, Shaan Hurley keeps a detailed list on his Autodesk blog).

While using AutoCAD over the past 22 years I’ve managed to collect quite a bit of information, tips, tricks, and workarounds in this tiny brain and I figure it’s time to get them collected and down on digital paper so they can be of use to others.  So that is what CAD Jedi will be about…a collection of tips and tricks along with some random tutorials and maybe some other CAD related stuff sprinkled in between.  I don’t have it all figured out yet so we’ll just have to wait and see what direction it goes in.  If you have a specific item or question that you would like to see discussed, leave a comment or email it to me.

Until next time….

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